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Best Wooden Furniture Indonesia

Do you have carved furniture? Carved wooden furniture is one of the typical types of furniture from Indonesia. Every region in Indonesia may have different furniture characteristics. Example is the growing of wood-carving in Jepara and Bali which have unique shapes and designs. Basically all the best wooden furniture Indonesia made of teak wood. Indonesian […]

Know the Process of Making Wood Furniture

Do you have wood furniture? Wooden furniture is going to give accent very attractive for interior design. A wide variety of shapes, designs and characteristics of the wood will have characteristics that are not the same. Even you will get wood furniture as one of the furniture to the family legacy. Many countries are now […]

How to Buy Wooden Furniture from Exporter?

Do you want to have wood furniture? Wooden furniture is one part of the furnishings dreams. Many people who consider that wood furniture is not only beautiful but also becomes an investment. Even when you buy wooden furniture then it would be one of the rare opportunities to meet the same furniture. Each wood can […]

Considerations for Choosing Solid Wood Furniture

Are you looking for various kinds of furniture for a new home? Wood furniture has become the primary choice of everyone. Wood will form a very attractive interior design. The existence of natural materials will incorporate various aspects and concepts of the house. Various kinds of furniture such as beds, dining tables, guest chairs and […]

Wicker Furniture Wholesale

Do you want to buy wicker furniture wholesale to add an empty space in your home. You should have researched before you buy furniture you need. In addition, you must consider the furniture of the material according to your residence, whether it made of wood, iron, aluminum, or rattan. Why? It just because of each […]

Kubu Grey Rattan Artistic

Rattan is the main raw material is more precisely known craft with webbing. Wicker craft as well as other craft, formed by woven. Put together in a way so that each piece is wrapped to form a woven rattan which has a wide variety of forms and functions. After forming any household that valued artistic, […]

The multifunctional usage of rattan furniture

Rattan Furniture is no stranger in our country. The utilization even more widespread, not limited to tables, chairs, and shelves, but also a variety of accessories. The design is also more interesting and innovative. Do not be surprised this furniture is increasingly popular among the upper middle. Unfortunately, It is less resistant to change of […]

What is wicker furniture?

Wicker furniture is a woven fibers which are coupled to form a rigid object, usually to make baskets or furniture. Webbing is often made of material of original plant, but plastic fibers or usually called by synthetic rattan can also be used. Materials used can be any part of a plant, such as sugar cane […]

Why You Should Have a Venetian Mirror

Mirror can be a very great accent to every room. This is also very essential as most people would love to see their reflection to check their look and mirror really does helpful with this. Not only that, a mirror can also create an illusion that the room is bigger than its actual size. That […]

Synthetic Rattan Furniture That Easy To Used

We Produce here synthetic rattan furniture in many kind like : synthetic rattan dining set, synthetic rattan living set, synthetic rattan bar set, synthetic rattan sun lounge and daybed, and many more, we have some design that unique and already sell continually to our customer world wide. We used “Viro Fiber” branded name for our […]

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