What kind of products do you have?
Living Set, Dining Set, Bed Set, Office Set, and partial items such as : chair, sofa, dining table, coffee table, console table, side table, end table, cabinet, buffet, chest of drawers, bed, daybed, mirror, lamp and many more.

What is your products made from?
Wooden furniture made from solid mahogany wood.
Rattan furniture and natural fiber made from various natural fibers assorted from all over Indonesia like : rattan, water hyacinth, banana leaf, seagrass.
Synthetic rattan furniture we made from “Viro Fiber” material and the frame made from aluminium pipe with coating.
Venetian Mirror & Furniture made from glass and the structure material is from plywood.

Do you use kiln-dried wood and how is the moisture content?
Yes we do.
The moisture contents of Wooden Furniture are:
1 – 2 cm thickness MC 10% – 14%
3 – 4 cm thickness MC 16% – 18%
5 cm thickness and up MC 19% – 20%

Do you use any chemical materials in your container to absorb humidity or destroy insects?
Yes. We always do treatment for the wood prior to being assembled, And we always fumigate the container and put water absorber inside the container.
For Australia and New Zealand, we do special fumigation to meet Quarantine Standards (AQIS).
Method of fumigation: Fumigation in the Freight Container.
Duration of fumigation: 24 hours.
Fumigant: Methyl Bromide Gas (CH3Br).
Dosage: 48 grams per cubic meters.
And we will enclose the certificate of fumigation with all the documents.

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order is 1x20ft, no minimum order on quantity; you can order 1 piece from each item.

Can you make your products with our color?
Yes, we will try to do the best to match your color. Please kindly send us samples of the stain then we will match the color.

Can you make products from our own design?
Yes, we accept customized designs. Your own design would be most welcome and we will be handled confidentially.

Can you accept payment by L/C?
Sorry we are not accepted L/C at this time. We only used T/T.
Please refer to our “Company Term” for the details.

How long is the production time?
45-60 days after receiving order confirmation and initial deposit.
Please refer to our “Company Term” for the details.

What is your packaging details?
For furniture :
Single-Face Paper.
We put foam sheet especially on the top of the table.
Carton Box packaging is also available by request, with additional extra cost.
For Venetian Mirror & Furniture :
Stereo foam, Foam sheet, Carton box, palletized wood.
Carton box for each mirror, framed / palletized every 4 or 5 pieces for Standard size, and framed / palletized every 1 or 2 pieces for X Large and XX Large sizes.