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The multifunctional usage of rattan furniture

Rattan Furniture is no stranger in our country. The utilization even more widespread, not limited to tables, chairs, and shelves, but also a variety of accessories. The design is also more interesting and innovative. Do not be surprised this furniture is increasingly popular among the upper middle.
Unfortunately, It is less resistant to change of weather. Constant exposure to rain and heat, easily weathered. Because of that, the furnishing of more natural rattan is placed in the space. Yet also rattan tables and chairs placed outside the space interesting.

Rattan furniture is a craft that are from the raw cane in wattled, wrapped and merged to form what is wanted. The usage of wicker cane is used a lot in the day-to-day needs, be it as a decoration or as disposable objects. But most of these multifunctional wickers that is applied as well as decorative objects that have a high aesthetic value.

There are many products that can be found wicker lamps, swing, chairs, hobby, whisk mattress, partitions, plates, chairs, tables, and so on. Wicker products, besides used as disposable objects, It is often made in the home’s display. Wicker fans not only from within the state, many also come from abroad. Wicker has its own aesthetic value. So that ‘s why, it makes this wicker favored by many people. The aesthetic value of a wicker is not only cause of the main material, but it is located on the shape that made and also the motive of the webbing itself. There are many types of wicker that are often used, among others, as follows: lyrical motif, traditional motif, gedhek motif, braid motif, andik motif, small double motive, geometric motifs, geometric decorative motifs, jruno motif of antique motif, and lampitan motif.

Rattan furniture is used because its strength. There is no doubt about that. Wicker rattan relatively strong when compared to other materials such as bamboo, foam, metal, and more. A chair for instrance, a chair made of rattan material will clearly stronger when compared with chairs made of wood covered with foam. Rattan furniture has also a charm of its own when compared to wood. Making technique is done by allowing woven furniture has patterns and textures are very beautiful. This is why if you have furniture from rattan furniture should not be painted.

Rattan furniture is a traditional Indonesian art that can be combined with any concept. For example, the concept of a minimalist home. You can use for the selection of wicker furniture or decorations. This selection course with a customized model with the concept of minimalist home.
In order to make the use of this wicker can be enjoyed much longer, wicker work certainly should be treated with care. And the way how to treat a wicker is not difficult. You only need to wipe using a cloth woven rattan with a half wet, then dried in the sun. This will prevent the fungus from the rattan material, how? You are interested in having a collection of wicker?

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