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Know the Process of Making Wood Furniture

Do you have wood furniture? Wooden furniture is going to give accent very attractive for interior design. A wide variety of shapes, designs and characteristics of the wood will have characteristics that are not the same. Even you will get wood furniture as one of the furniture to the family legacy. Many countries are now starting to take advantage of various types of wood to be used as furniture. The quality of wood furniture will be determined by the age of wood, wood species and processing. Wooden furniture manufacture will give a very big influence to the final quality furnishings. Each stage of wood processing should be done by a rigorous process that can be charming furniture.

Processing Wood Furniture

Before entering into the stage of processing wood, the wood previously used by the plant should be divided into several classes. Some groups include the young wood, wood middle and old wood. The quality of the best wood is owned by old wood. Here are some of the stages of the production process to become a furniture wood.

  1. Wood had just come from felled trees should be cut according to the size, grade and age levels. Each wood will be determined by the quality of this process. Setting appropriate size furniture needs to be determined based on the group. Water content remaining in the wood should be removed by drying. This is to prevent decay on wood.
  2. Once completed in faze one, the wood will be dried with a dryer wood. The quality of the wood drying process will also be visible. Wood with poor quality will break easily so it will be removed.
  3. In accordance with the plan of making wooden furniture, the wood will be cut by size. Each wood is treated with a special machine to soften the wood through the process so that it can be formed into beautiful furnishings.
  4. Furniture assembly will be formed in accordance with the plan. Each component will be combined into a wooden furniture form intact.
  5. Finishing process will be used to make the wood surface becomes finer in accordance with the original wood texture. Various kinds of materials are added to protect the wood from humidity problems and insect attack.

After all the process is completed, the process will continue to packaging. Wooden furniture manufacture of wooden furniture will make packing in a special procedure that does not cause damage to the furniture. Wood processing in general is essentially the same. But if you want to have furniture in different characteristics then it is better if you choose furniture based on the type of wood.

Some types of wood are often processed into raw material is teak wood furniture, wood mahogany, oak, and pine wood. Each wood will produce a different character from the color, the level of resistance to time, the level of resistance to insects and wood quality. One of the most widely type of wood used to make furniture is teak. Teak wood has a durable nature and resistant to insect attack. Teak wood furniture is also becoming one of the options because it is resistant to all weather conditions. One way to determine the authenticity of wood furniture is to know all the properties of wood. Best quality furniture is depending on the final result obtained and not because of the process of finishing furniture.

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